Our Actions

Advancing Training and Education for All

Educational Resources

To ensure every unit on campus has the resources required for education and training, a library of anti-racist educational assets is being made available through anti-racism.duke.edu and the website for the Office for Faculty Advancement, including a video series that can serve as a primer on anti-racism as we work to develop more comprehensive resources. Additionally, a range of educational workshops and resources on anti-racism, implicit bias, and inclusion & belonging, along with modules specifically for hiring managers (such as "Equitable Search Practices"), are available through the Office of Institutional Equity.


“Foundations of Equity” Orientation Program

In 202 we offered a new “Foundations of Equity” orientation program for incoming undergraduate students, which will be a part of first-year orientation in all future years.


New Anti-Racist Curricula

The Office of the Provost and the Office for Institutional Equity, with a grant from The Duke Endowment, are collaborating with faculty on designing new curricula for faculty, students and staff that will be informed by history and empower them to promote anti-racism, equity and inclusion on campus and in the academy. The 2021 University Course, titled "The Invention and Consequences of Race", will be offered in the fall semester to all undergraduate students.


Annual Senior Leadership Training

In September, President Price, along with the Board of Trustees, deans, officers, vice presidents, and vice provosts, engaged in an anti-racism and equity workshop. Duke’s senior university leadership is committed to continuing this training on an annual basis in the years ahead.