Our Actions

Supporting our Staff

Making Duke Career Pathways More Accessible

Duke will significantly expand internship, training, and apprenticeship programs to make Duke career pathways more accessible.


New Professional Development Opportunities

Duke is launching new professional-development opportunities for our staff at all levels, with a focus on reaching historically underserved populations.


Human Resources Data and Analyses

Human Resources will track promotions and new hires and offer pay-equity analyses on a regular, ongoing basis. These data will be available to any member of the Duke community beginning in January.


Comprehensive Climate Assessment

Duke will launch a comprehensive climate assessment in the spring of 2021, and we will build on these research efforts to address longstanding concerns about faculty and staff relations.


Annual Review Process

Equity and anti-racism will be included in the ongoing annual review process for direct reports to the president in order to ensure that university leadership continues to consider this a priority for the future.