Our Actions

Furthering the Excellence of our Faculty

Expanded Diversity Hiring Program

The Provost has expanded the diversity hiring program initiated over the past two years, with the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement offering workshops for unit leaders and for search committees to promote inclusive and equitable hiring and incentive funding for hiring diverse faculty.


Faculty Diversity Dashboard

Our diversity hiring efforts, expanded initially with a $16 million grant from the Duke Endowment, will be tracked through a new dashboard of faculty diversity data, which will be available to the entire Duke community. The effort will be multifaceted and will include both individual hires and cluster hires focused on specific themes to build critical mass and expertise.


Faculty Development and Community Building

The Office for Faculty Advancement will devote additional resources to faculty development and community building programs and resources to support faculty success and retention.


Promotion and Tenure Policy Revision

The Provost will continue to review and update our policies and guidelines on promotion and tenure to ensure that they are equitable and attentive to the biases that disadvantage underrepresented faculty and research on underrepresented communities.